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We are a product design, development, and manufacturing company that helps brands take their products from inception to market. We combine strategy, design, engineering, and manufacturing to build a reputation of quality products and satisfied customers.

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What We Offer

Project Planning and Feasibility Analysis

Get one-on-one guidance and a project plan for your overall manufacturing strategy, roadmap & schedule, Bill of Materials (BOM), Cost of Goods Sold (COGs), fixed costs, and inventory management.

Product Design & Prototyping

Work with our industrial design team to perform a design for manufacturing (DFM) review, design 3D CAD / CAM models, develop concepts, 3D print concepts, and facilitate rapid prototyping.

Patent Research and Preparation

Let us help you protect your concept before it’s produced by performing the research to ensure your intellectual property is safe and there aren’t any conflicts with existing products in the market.

Product Development and Engineering

Leverage our in-house engineering team to take your designs from 3D models into production ready, evaluate thermal and safety requirements, identify manufacturing optimization opportunities, as well as selection of processes, tooling, and materials.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

Make your product the way you envisioned with our certified network of factories who are able to service virtually any industry and our dedicated team of supply chain professionals who will source top quality materials from around the world.

Sample Testing & Quality Assurance

Protect your brand value and lower returns by entrusting Paragon to provide ongoing sample testing, product specifications, process audit & review, parts inspection, and finished product inspection.

Product Portfolio Opportunity Assessment

Uncover opportunities to improve product designs or expand your product portfolio by letting us facilitate an end-to-end assessment of your existing product portfolio in which we’ll help you generate ideas and concepts to grow your business and lower costs.

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