End-to-end Expertise

We take you from concept to market in product design & prototyping, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, and total cost analysis.

Rising product costs, Increasing lead times, Declining quality, Sleepless nights…

Sound too familiar?

No matter what the stage of your business, choosing the right partner can make the difference between success or failure. Paragon provides a comprehensive supply chain whose dependability and quality you can trust.

Whether you are a startup with limited capital or an established business needing a better supplier, Paragon can give you the competitive advantage needed for your product’s success. Isn’t it time that Paragon gives you that well-deserved peace of mind?

End-to-end Expertise

We take you from concept to market in product design & prototyping, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, and total cost analysis.

Accelerate Time to Market

Count on a turnkey production schedule that reduces lead times, testing, and drawn out certifications.

Decrease Outlay & MOQs

Decrease capital outlay and inventory costs with lower than industry average MOQs.

Eliminate Manufacturing Headaches

Leverage our network of verified factories and manufacturers to eliminate lengthy negotiations and operational costs.

Increase Quality

Plan and design for quality from beginning to end to ensure all factors are considered from usage, tooling, testing, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Peace of Mind

Gain a trusted partner that is accountable to you for your investment and proactively preventing supply chain interruptions.

Have More Questions?

What Type Of Clients Do You Work With?
We work with retailers, distributors, manufacturers, inventors, hardware startups and other businesses that want to work with a partner who can meet their complete product design, sourcing, development and supply chain needs. Our clients look to us to design and develop the product they want to sell, instead of the “as is” product from their current supplier. With us, clients benefit from the higher profit margins, reduced lead times, and quality assurance that we secure through our comprehensive design engineering and supply chain solutions. We look for clients that want a long-term partner that can provide them with a competitive advantage.
How Do You Ensure Quality?
During the design engineering phase, we ensure that designs and product specifications are well documented during each step of the process. As a result, changes and prototypes can be made in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, all product documentation and prototypes must be reviewed and approved by our in-house Quality Control before documents are sent to the manufacturer.
In the world of manufacturing, Paragon has developed relationships with a network of factories and manufacturing professionals committed to quality and process improvements. Our contracts and legal agreements are some of the strongest in the industry. But what sets us apart from competitors is the responsiveness of our teams, who visit the factories at a moment’s notice to ensure your product standards are being met. Quality is achieved through commitment to standards, and we only partner with qualified suppliers that meet our standards.
What If Our Product’s Profit Margins Aren't Enough To Cover Expenses?
Don’t worry. We offer a free development and manufacturing feasibility evaluation of your product. Our design and engineering professionals will evaluate your product’s design and make recommendations for potential changes to reduce costs. They also use 3D modeling software and 3D printing technology to produce designs and prototypes, saving you the cost of physical mock-ups. Additionally, our factories have efficient operations and processes, so we can cut your product costs without sacrificing quality. We want you to have the product that your customer needs while putting more money in your pocket.
What Industries Are Covered By Your Product Manufacturing?
We have experience in a wide range of industries. We have you covered whether you need products that require basic fabrication processes and assembly to more complex processes like PCB design, programming, and injection molding. Whether you want to make consumer goods, electronics, hardware, automotive parts, toys, or alternative energy applications, we hire designers, engineers, and supply chain professionals with a wide range of expertise to ensure your product is created right.

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