Many of the things that consumers buy are made of plastic or at the very least contain plastic parts inside of them. There are a number of different ways to produce plastic parts and injection molding is one of these ways and it is considered to be one the best if not the very best way to produce plastic items using molds. To be clear plastic manufacturing via injection molding is a process where hot liquid plastic is injected into a mold at high pressure to produce the desired product. This of course means that mold manufacturers must produce special molds for the plastic products manufacturer so they can use this process. None the less injection molding is the best way to do it and here’s why.
Environmentally Friendly
One of the reasons injection molding is better is because it is far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. All of the surplus and unused plastic as well as failed products are never thrown away. They can simply be ground into little pieces, melted back down, and turned into new injection plastic for the molds. Injection molding adheres to the principle of recycling and being eco-friendly to make everyone’s lives a little better.
Design Flexibility
Custom contract manufacturers, prototype manufacturers, and other plastic parts manufacturers using injection molding is that the designs are very flexible and you can make pretty much anything you want to make. As long as you can build a mold for it then it can be built!
Virtually Zero Labor Costs
The next great thing about injection molding is that labor costs are very low due to the machines and the processes all being automated; it really only takes a few people to run the whole process from start to end. To simplify the process to its most basic form, it requires little more than designing the mold and pressing GO. This is great for new and small businesses that need to keep labor costs to a minimum.
Another great reason why injection molding is better is because it is far more precise and reliable to use than any other method. The molds close, fill up, dry, and open, it’s as simple as that and it’s in part so accurate because the processes are almost 100% automated.
Choose The Materials and Color
Once the mold is made and the product has been completed it can be altered in a number of ways without much trouble at all. Injection molding can utilize many different plastic polymers to make a final product. So if you’re not happy with the look or feel of the product you can change from one type of plastic to another. And in terms of the appearance; if color needs to be changed that is just as easy.
Rapid Prototyping & Production
The great part about plastic parts manufacturers using injection molding is that it has an unbelievably fast turnaround time. Parts made this way dry really quickly and thus an automated injection molding machine can produce 1 item every 15-30 seconds. This production rate is far higher than that of other plastic manufacturing processes.
It Can Be Used For Any Product Type
Injection molding is also better because it is not restricted to one field of products. Custom contract manufacturers can produce pretty much any plastic part they desire with this method, whether it be for toys, electronics devices, furniture or kitchen appliances.