You’ve come up with an awesome product and are confident it will be a great success. Congratulations! Let’s slow down for a second. First, what specifically the materials your product will be made of. It is tempting to just use what everyone else uses with similar products, but taking some additional time to select the right materials can give you a competitive edge.
Getting a product to market can be expensive. Coming up with the idea is the easy part. Now that you’ve done that you need a manufacturer, a company capable of turning your idea into reality. With all the hard work going into just getting your idea off the ground, money will need to be invested in the right places. As you see the budget adding up the temptation to cut corners becomes great, leading many to pursue the cheaper materials, and sacrifice quality. However, I propose to you that there is no worse decision than to lower your investment in this critical area of development.
One of the first reasons why spending less on materials is a bad decision is because it is one of the first things your customers will notice about your product. It is pretty logical if you think about it. This tangible good ends up in their hands, and instantly they can determine if it feels durable or disposable, does it have a feel of good quality or not. Nothing guarantees dissatisfaction more than shoddy craftsmanship. This is particularly true if you are developing something you foresee people using on a daily basis. Investing in high quality materials in the production of your product will be a further step in ensuring happy customers. Satisfied customers will lead to repeat sales and more money for developing future products.
So making a great product doesn’t stop with its first iteration. Gather feedback from your customers to find areas you can improve your product. Finally, it all starts with making the simple decision to be intentional of what you put into your product. You should continually be aware of new materials that will improve your products and keep you ahead of competitor. So put good materials into your amazing new product. You and your happy customers will be glad you did.
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