How to Wear a Mask Correctly

Wearing a face mask in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic is about protecting yourself and those around you in the workplace, restaurants, stores, and in the community as a whole. Unfortunately, wearing a face mask the wrong way does not provide protection. It may even create a false sense of safety that puts others at risk. 

Paragon Global Supply stocks disposable, 3-ply face masks with 99% bacterial filtration efficiency. These are superior to cloth face masks as they offer a complete fit around the face, eliminating gaps found in cloth masks that allow the virus to be expelled from the edges of the cloth mask through coughing and sneezing. 

Tips for Putting On and Removing the Mask 

Mask Do's

Image credit: World Health Organization

Putting on the mask is a simple procedure. The 3-ply masks at Paragon Global Supply are designed with elastic ear loops that slip over the ears and secure the mask comfortably in place. 

Before putting on your mask, start by washing your hands. Lather for at least twenty seconds, then rinse and dry your hands. Pick up the mask by the ear loop on one side, ensuring the darker outer layer is facing away. Check to make sure the wider edge of the mask is at the top, as this area contains a flexible wire to shape the mask to fit the nose and cheek area. 

Place the ear loop on one ear and then the other. Use the thumb and index finger to gently push the top edge of the mask to conform to the bridge of your nose and the cheek. The mask should fit against your cheeks and not gap or push open at the sides. 

Holding the mask in place with your thumb and forefinger on the bridge of your nose, pull the mask downward gently to extend the pleats and allow the lower edge of the mask to rest under your chin. 

To remove the mask, grab the ear loops and pull out and away from the face. Avoid touching the inside of the mask and throw it away immediately. Follow up by washing your hands. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

Mask don'ts

Image credit: World Health Organization Image credit: World Health Organization

No matter how effective a mask is at filtering out bacteria, viruses, and airborne droplets, if it is not worn the right way, it will not be effective. Too often, people wear masks incorrectly, which not only creates a false sense of safety, but it puts others at greater risk. We’ve all seen it; people may be wearing a mask but it’s below their nose, doesn’t cover their chin, or most commonly the sides are wide open.

Here are some tips on what to avoid:

  • Not covering the nose – failing to cover the nose means that airborne droplets from sneezing or even heavy exhalation through the nostrils will travel as far as 8 meters from the body. Even wearing a superior mask, like Paragon’s, that offers 99% bacterial filtration efficiency only counts if the nose and mouth are covered and the mask is fitted correctly. 
  • Not adjusting the wire to fit the bridge of the nose – failing to pinch the mask over the bridge of the nose creates a gap for droplets to escape the mask filter. In addition, failing to adjust the bridge of the nose of the mask allows the mask to move around and make it less comfortable to wear. 
  • Not covering the chin – this is the same issue, just at the bottom of the mask rather than the top. When the mask conforms to the bridge of the nose and is under the chin, it is held in place and is easier to wear, even for a long period of time. 
  • Taking off the mask – taking off the mask by pulling it under the chin or unhooking one ear, or taking any other type of “mask break” creates two risks. One risk is the higher likelihood of touching the mouth or nose with the hands, which can transmit COVID-19 or other diseases. The second is contaminating the inside of the mask. Keeping the mask in place eliminates these issues. 

Finally, avoid wearing disposable masks more than one time. The disposable, 3-ply masks at Paragon Global Supply are very cost-effective, offer 99% filtration efficiency, and also provide a comfortable way to keep everyone safe.

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